<p>Color a Dinosaur!</p>

Colossal Fossils

Color a Dinosaur!

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Color Your Favorite; Then Come Visit Us for the Real Thing

  • What color will your dino be?
  • Here are four fun drawings to download and color.
  • Color Your Own Deinonychus>>
  • Color Your Own Lufengosaurus>>
  • Color Your Own Othnelia Rex>>
  • Color Your Own Tsintaosaurus>>
  • After you’re done, come visit Colossal Fossils on Saturdays to learn about the real thing!
  • With new exhibits, fascinating displays, and hands-on tours, you’ll have a dino-mite time.
  • Featured new skeletons include Velociraptor, Psittacosaurus, Jeholosaurus, and Triceratops!
Check our website for more downloadable Dinosaurs to Color in the near future.
About Us
Founded in October, 2011 by a group of teachers, college professors, and business people, Colossal Fossils, Inc. was designed to provide interactive natural history programs to schools and communities of Wisconsin. We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Our permanent location can be found in downtown Wausau, WI at the Wausau Center Mall.
Our Goal
It’s simple: To serve and educate as many people, primarily children, about our planet and the creatures that have lived on Earth throughout its 4.6 billion year history. We are an educational, science-based organization and we teach children about concepts such as evolution, life cycles, geology, history, root words, and biology.
Our Fossils
With a collection of museum quality fossils and fossil replicas, Colossal Fossils teaches people about fascinating plants and animals. The collection contains fossils from many dinosaurs, mammals, plants, and corals. We have fossils that range from tiny shells to the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex. From mammoth tusks to giant bear skulls, and each year, the collection grows larger.
Our Programs
We have a wide range of different programs that can be modified to meet your specific needs. For a list of our available programs, which are designed to meet and exceed Wisconsin’s educational standards, click here.